Who else is there to be vulnerable with or where else, safe in Jesus and in his love.

He that made everything, me(you) inclusive… Very good, suitable, pleasant and he even approved me(you) completely…

Why seek the approval of a mere man? O deep.

Check this out and be refreshed


Best man - Vulnerable

Smiles. I am not about to go all relationship on you. 😁 But I know that I just need to share this with you.

So I was reading a Bible plan and the author talked about being vulnerable with God; telling Him everything we feel – both the good and the ugly. As He pretty much wants that openness with us, His creation.

The author stated something – “Allow God to Love you back to life”. That just emphasized it best. There is no other place for one to be vulnerable in, than in Love – God.

We really don’t need to try so hard to be all good or packaged up or prim n proper around Him. Or in His presence. He wants you to come boldly to His throne of mercy, knowing that you are accepted and loved regardless of the filth you have bore all along.

Love - Acceptance - Rejection


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