📍 Don’t let him in! ⚠️

I am redeemed to shine my light and not to fit in…


Don’t let him in

Smiles. Are you wondering what I’m about to write about? Or the “him” in question?

It’s interesting to know that we have allowed or accommodated so many things in our world today, as the norm. Even when we know it’s not what God wants us to do.

It’s been a phase of many reflections for me and truthfully, there is a lot God is teaching me. Some of which He wants me to share with you.

How pleasing it is for God to come and find us all still standing. How delightful it will be to Him, to see us all still on the “light path” and not conforming to the world’s trends.

Some Sundays ago, our pastor spoke on tolerance traps. How we have become comfortable with many things just so that we can fit in. And it just buttresses what God has been opening my eyes to, in…

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