*GOD IS LOVE* Part one All she heard was slap on her check and lots of thought crossed through her mind of how much he loves her but here she is already slapped Sitting before this hate are two children. Angrily, she went in took the pot of boiling water and emptied the pot on … Continue reading

Going Home

An adage goes thus; “ when a man goes on a journey, it is a must that he returns home” and another says that “Home is the resting place from a journey”. Life is a journey, and it is a must that you and i return back home... Jesus said; "Do not let your hearts … Continue reading Going Home


What you say can preserve life or destroy it; so you must accept the consequences of your words...Pro 18:21 GNB. Though God has settled our victory in Christ Jesus, yet there is a need to speak out our victory. ...Just like God spoke in the bigining in that darkness and said... “let there be light". … Continue reading THE NEED TO SPEAK!