The problem statement
Many lack the knowledge of the truth himself which is God, and some who at one point in their life found him has failed to retain him in their life, and as such are exposed to poverty, suffering from different kinds of oppression and death due to lack of the truth.

The Way Out
The truth, which is God. An opportunity to Salvation and Deliverance through Jesus Christ.

Note: We have no two message save Jesus Christ.

Strategies to implement this are…
Offline and Online meeting, scripts , Audios, and Videos, philanthrophy… E.g

Timely Inspiration From Above. (TIFA): is a section of Truthtrulytrue that is committed to sharing godly quotes and write ups on quogent topics from God’s word that are inspired by the Holy Spirit, to help fellow believers in living a life pleasing to God.

Charge: is an annual platform that is aimed at building godly youth who are passionate about God’s assignment.
It focus on improving the quality, standard and effectiveness of living amidst the youth, by first loving God, and to foster love within communities, transforming and building every life, family and community through constructive competitions amidst peers, helping them to discover new ideas and opportunities which will change their lives socially, morally, academically, Financially and most importantly spiritually, and as such change the society.

TruthTrulyTrue Foundation: this is the philanthropic arm of the body. we extend a helping hand to people, communities, cities, states, and nations that are in need not beyond our capacity, and based on God’s leading.

Truth Ťeam.