📍 Don’t let him in! ⚠️

I am redeemed to shine my light and not to fit in…


Don’t let him in

Smiles. Are you wondering what I’m about to write about? Or the “him” in question?

It’s interesting to know that we have allowed or accommodated so many things in our world today, as the norm. Even when we know it’s not what God wants us to do.

It’s been a phase of many reflections for me and truthfully, there is a lot God is teaching me. Some of which He wants me to share with you.

How pleasing it is for God to come and find us all still standing. How delightful it will be to Him, to see us all still on the “light path” and not conforming to the world’s trends.

Some Sundays ago, our pastor spoke on tolerance traps. How we have become comfortable with many things just so that we can fit in. And it just buttresses what God has been opening my eyes to, in…

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💭 🪙 To Every Side There Is A Story 📍🎲


To every side there is a story

Smiles. I don’t even know where to start, but I guess I should start from what made me think about these words.

Some days ago, I was watching a movie. It’s a kids/teens movie but I had a handful of lessons from it. It was about a boy who was born with some deformation and had to undergo several facial surgeries. And despite this, he still looked unique from others. I prefer to use “unique” because we are all special and unique beings, regardless.

His mom homeschooled him for a couple of years. And in other to ensure he grows into living and interacting with other people asides his family, he was enrolled in a school.

It was quite emotional for me watching him being made fun of and bullied. Smiles, I know it’s a movie but truthfully, these are likely experiences in real life. 🙁

One of the lessons…

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Who else is there to be vulnerable with or where else, safe in Jesus and in his love.

He that made everything, me(you) inclusive… Very good, suitable, pleasant and he even approved me(you) completely…

Why seek the approval of a mere man? O deep.

Check this out and be refreshed


Best man - Vulnerable

Smiles. I am not about to go all relationship on you. 😁 But I know that I just need to share this with you.

So I was reading a Bible plan and the author talked about being vulnerable with God; telling Him everything we feel – both the good and the ugly. As He pretty much wants that openness with us, His creation.

The author stated something – “Allow God to Love you back to life”. That just emphasized it best. There is no other place for one to be vulnerable in, than in Love – God.

We really don’t need to try so hard to be all good or packaged up or prim n proper around Him. Or in His presence. He wants you to come boldly to His throne of mercy, knowing that you are accepted and loved regardless of the filth you have bore all along.

Love - Acceptance - Rejection


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Living water - Ocean

Have you ever seen a running/flowing water body?

It remains fresh and a sight to behold because it keeps pouring out!

And when we pour out likewise, we give room for more to be added to us.

Let’s make this practical. Can you picture a bottle that is constantly in use. It remains clean and preserved both on the inside and out. Unlike a bottle that it’s content is just being used once in a month or months as the case may be. The likelihood of that bottle to be dusty on the outside and slimy on the inside because of the unused liquid content in it is higher than that which is constantly in use.

Refreshed - Water source

Literarily, Which of these bottles do you want to represent?

That which is in continuous and constant use and also clean or that which is occasionally used and slimy?

I believe we all want…

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Faith - Not boring

Have you ever been told being a God-Lover or a Christian is archaic and old fashioned?

Well I strongly beg to differ because for me my experience of being one is that it gets better by the day.

It can only be a boring one when you get used to the old oil. Because we can’t sustain the newness God is calling us to, each day if you and me continue to live by what we have heard of Him a long time ago. Or even all that we know of Him is what our parents (if they are Christ believers) or mentors in faith or leaders have shared concerning who He is to us.

Well it can only be as boring as you make it to be. So are you feeling bored in this walk of faith?

Greater level - Newness

Maybe it’s time to get it back. And what is the “it”…

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The Art of Force Series (Faith)

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